Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bloody Monday - Dorama and Manga Review

I wanted to resume and review about one of my favourite manga and dorama. The title is “Bloody Monday”. The title is provocative indeed! This manga is categorized as sci-fi, shonen, mature and mystery. The dorama has 11 episodes. Each episode has cliff-hanger that make viewer always wants to know the continuation. (Gemes!!!). Is there still any hope that there will be Bloody Monday season 2 or maybe Bloody Monday special? WHY? The dorama has a hanging ending.... AAAH! Kuyashi desu. I want to see their acting though.

The picture shown is one of my favourite scene. From left to right, there are Asada Aoi, Takagi Fujimaru and Kujo Otoya. They are going to save Takagi Ryounosuke and Professor. Munakata from the cho-otoko (butterfly man). Please refer to chapter 21 – Pineapple for further information. Alright, let’s drum roll.....

Takagi Fujimaru is just a normal high school student in Kamishiro Private High School. He often come to school late, love girls’ pants and ero games (chotto pervert desu) and belong to newspaper club in his school.

He has close friend named Kujo Otoya – who not only smart, composed and gorgeous, but he also the newspaper kaichou (chief) and the member of archery club in his school (Kya... kya... kya... archer-san again!). Asada Aoi is also Fujimaru’s close friend and seems that she has crush on him (ihihi...). She is member of karate club in her school and considered the youngest female karate champion (WOW...). Fujimaru often get Aoi’s kick when he went overboard like flirting or peeping to girls’ pants (Huahahaha....). Oh, yeah, what’s special about Takagi Fujimaru is that he is a legendary hacker that has alias Falcon. Falcon is able to penetrate the security system of public security in Japan named Third-I. What makes this incident worse is that his father, Takagi Ryounosuke, is one of the elite members of Third-I (Uwa...). After that incident, Fujimaru is considered a potential weapon and is under Third-I surveillance. Fujimaru goes to his school normally, and mingles with his pals normally, just like other student. Everything goes smoothly until a new bijin (beautiful) and sexy biology teacher come to their class replacing the previous teacher. This teacher is yappari Fujimaru’s type or so I say that she is what guys are dreaming about (Dynamite Body!!). Mwahahaha.... Orihara Maya, the teacher name, is one of the main villains in this story (Oops!). She appeared to be the first one who tests the virus in Vladivostok, Rusia. And what is the story about?

A group of terrorists is trying to make its ideal world with its manner (Oh, I suddenly remember “Death Note”). This group is controlled by leader named “J”. The real name is still in mystery (again! “Death Note” ga oboemashita!). Two years ago, Fujimaru or should we say Falcon destroyed this terrorist plan. The main leader was arrested and the organization collapsed. But the seed of hatred, angst and revenge still remain there – dimly and silently (kowaii..). Fujimaru, knowing nothing about terrorists and their plan is swept away to this turbulence scenario. The terrorists plan to destroy Tokyo, Japan and the world using their ultimate weapon, Bloody-X virus. Fujimaru has to rescue his love ones using his hacking ability. The spies and traitors are everywhere. None can be trusted or so that it seems. Innocent children, including Takagi Fujimaru, Kujo Otoya, Asada Aoi, Anzai Mako, and Tachikawa Hide, are involved in this brain and strategy-war. I recommend watching the dorama and reading the manga. There are several differences between the dorama and the manga. But overall, these series are top-notch. It gives me lot of lesson such as nobody in this world is sinless. Human heart is full of facets, either light or dark moments. Human can be strong because there’s something or someone to protect. We can’t consider people just black and white only because there’s also gray zone. What makes so? The answer is one. It is REASON.

Hai, minna-san, I thought my resume is until here. Too much spoiler will ruin the whole story. But, yeah, I still wait for the continuation of the dorama. Oh, please, very very please... (Ufufu…).


  1. posting tanggal jadul pisan tp biar lah ya, AFAIK udh ada season 2 nya, sy ga baca manganya cm liat dorama season 1 nya, dan kt sy mah, mski yah lumayan lah, death note jauh lebih rame klo dibandingin sm ini (sy cm baca manga ny doang tp death note mah :D)

  2. Hmm, manganya lebih seru dari doramanya. Tapi Falcon memang keren. Iya sudah ada season keduanya. Tapi yang kedua ini belum nonton. Hacker Indonesia katanya termasuk yang top ya di dunia. Banyak yang jebolan ITB juga kan? Hahaha! Death Note? Wah, baca manganya bikin depresi, frustasi, geregetan, mengguncang iman dan logika (sorry, I exaggerate it a little bit). Nggak heran, ada seorang teman saya yang malah tergila-gila sama Kira.

  3. Hmm, sy ga yakin termasuk yg top di dunia, buktinya kalau ada lomba security yg nantangin hacker gitu rasany sy belum pernah denger ada yg dari Indonesia, tapi kalau cuma utk nembus security website-website negara tetangga sih kayanya emang udah pada mampu. Tp tau yaa pada anak jebolan mana :P


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