Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Anatomy: The Fifth Nerve

Yare-yare, atashi wa wasurechatta... (Uuuu---). Great God, I forgot... (Hiks---). The fifth cranial nerve is also called Trigeminal Nerve. The biggest and the most important nerve is Dentistry (or so I said - tee hee ^__~). I already upload this nerve under Anaesthesiology topics. Soshite, so that, please read the Anaesthesiology section about Trigeminal Nerve. Well, if I upload again it means that I will do that twice and it sooooo inefficient. Hai, onegaishimasu~~~ Psst... I upload this posting at Cheetoz Warnet, you know?! Oh, It's almost LEBARAN's holiday, you know...?!

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