Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Anatomy: Introduction to Cranial Nerves

Waa---aaah,,, gomen nasai, karena sifat kurang kerjaan saya...
I Intended to post my translation about cranial nerves. The story began few years ago, when I still young and embedded with snuffles nose (O_o). Oh, well, Haamid-senpai gave me the twelveth cranial nerves taken from Gray's Anatomy. I just happened to translate it rawly. I think it need to be revised again and again. So, anyone who want to give me suggestions and advices I humbly accept that.

Konnichiwa, minna-san. Good day, everyone. How are you today? I found that Nell is sooo cute that I desperately want to get her picture in my blog with her crack skull form accessories (Oops… I guess that is her proofed as an espada member!). Anyway, aside from that, minna-san, I intended to post my next series of light translation of Gray’s Anatomy of Human Body, especially about the twelfth cranial nerves. The translation itself will be in Indonesian. My transliterate ability is so-so or so that I thought (^_^). If you find some dangling grammar or shifting meaning, please feel free to give comment and the suggestion for correction. I hope someone find it useful and eager to learn anatomy. Anatomy is one of my favourite subjects. I started with olfactorius nerve first. Olfactorius nerve is also called the first cranial nerves. And I hope the light translation will be ended at hypoglossal nerves or so called the twelfth nerves. For your information, cranial nerves always pairing – one goes to or from right and the other to or from left. Why? Of course because human has symmetrical body, unlike amoebas, paramaeciums or algaes. For other information, the twelfth nerves are:

I.Olfactorius nerves
II.Opticus nerves
III.Occulomotor nerves
IV.Trochlear nerves
V.Trigeminus nerves
VI.Abducent nerves
VII.Facial nerves
VIII.Vestibulococchlearis nerves
IX.Glossopharyngeus nerves
X.Vagus nerves
XI.Accessorius nerves
XII.Hypoglossus nerves

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