Sunday, 13 September 2009

Espada-tachi : Aizen Vassals from BLEACH manga

This week charas are Espada-tachi. Taken from Kubo Tite’s manga “BLEACH”, these charas are antagonists’ side. They are numbered from one to ten. The picture shown here doesn’t responding to their actual number, so the character in the most left one isn’t the number one, henceforth, the character in the most right isn’t number ten. Espadas are ‘hollows’ that transformed into human or humanoid forms via Sogyoku. That traitor Aizen did do that! Aizen always make me shivering every time he appears in Kubo Tite’s sensei’s chapter. He always gives me cold feet and fluttering stomach. Like there’s no happiness every time he makes appearance (Dementor?!).

Espadas pretty much equal with taicho-tachi from Soul Society. Only one espada is woman. Her name is Hallibel. All espadas are under Aizen command and each of them represents the cause of death (What the?!). My favourite espada are Grimmjaw and Hallibel. Grimmjaw is hot-blooded and tend to act with his hands rather than with his brain. He is very impulsive (just like Bleach’s main protagonist – Kurosaki Ichigo!). They are like close friend that is separated by ideology and destiny. I deeply hope that Grimmjaw find his happiness through himself (finger crossed). I don’t want Grimjaww to end hopelessly without settle things with Ichigo. Hallibel is cool and composed. Luckily, her opponent is that ice-based and turquoise’s eyed taicho, Hitsugaya Toushiro. Well, they both composed so their fight is ‘elephant’ to watch over (^_^). Hallibel is one of the top-three espada. She has three fraccion that are easily destroyed by Yamamoto Genryusei-taicho, the first captain. The other espadas mind taking look for fight is Ullquiora, the fourth espada. He is totally poker faced guy!! It seems that it is his only expression he has. That is not look, but face, I think (laugh!). What is the fate of these expendable espadas? Where do Aizen lead them into? Will they find their actual despair? Is there still any hope for them? Or they only job is to fathom their lives to Aizen? Kubo Tite is the only one who knows the answers…

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