Sunday, 6 September 2009

Introduction: Local Anaesthesia in Dentistry

Konnichiwa minna-san, ogenki desu ka. Even though today is fasting day, let’s have our soul genki always.

I was archiving my old lecture materials some days ago and found anaesthesia lesson packed together with oral surgery lesson. Anaesthesia lesson was given by drg. Poerwati Soetji R, SpBM. This lesson was not team teaching like other lessons would. I love this lesson because this lesson has one ultimate goal: TO LEARN ABOUT OURSELVES (to omoimasu). Tee hee… Anatomy lesson takes important role here so don’t messed up with anatomy lesson! Dakara, so that, from now, I’m intended to post about the topic in this blog. There will be seven posts and each post will be the continuation from before. Though, the posts will be arranged systematically. The topics that are going to be posted are Introduction about Local Anaesthesia, Pain and Pain Control, The Pharmacology of Local Anaesthesia, The Pharmacology of Vasoconstrictor, Trigeminal Nerve and Their Branches (refers to Anatomy), Technique of Maxillary Nerve and Mandible Nerve Anaesthesia, The Complication of Local Anaesthesia.

Why we – dentist and dentist ni narimasu – have to learn about anaesthesia? Kimatterun ja, it’s very obvious, there are several reason. The first reason is that it is COMPULSORY lesson. In purpose to get one credit point, we have to learn this (check your academic guide book for sure). The second reason is that oral manipulations sometimes induce pain so we need pain control. Dentist has to maintain the patient’s welfare so that he or she can take dentist’s treatment with regarding
to her or his own other business. Anaesthesia delivery corresponds with other fields like anatomy, physiology, neurology, pharmacology, internal medicine and so on. The third reason is that anaesthesia lesson is supporting clinical application, not only for oral surgery but also other fields such as operative dentistry, periodontology, pediatric dentistry, prosthodontology and so on.
I’m going to post the first topic. Hai hajimarimasu!

• obat yangg mengahambat hantaran saraf bila dikenakan secara lokal pada jaringan saraf dengan kadar cukup (Ganiswarna, 1995))
• obat yang menyebabkan anestesia, mati rasa, melumpuhkan ujung saraf sensorik atau serabut saraf pada tempat pemberian obat (Kamus saku Kedokteran Dorland, 1998)

• Menghilangkan rasa sakit pada gigi dan jaringan pendukung
• Sedikit perubahan dari fisiologi normal à pada pasien lemah
• Insidensi morbiditas rendah
• Pasien pulang tanpa pengantar
• Tidak perlu tambahan tenaga terlatih
• Teknik tidak sukar dilakukan
• Persentase kegagalan kecil
• Pasien tidak perlu berpuasa

Kontra Indikasi:
• Pasien menolak à takut/ khawatir
• Infeksi
• Di bawah umur
• Alergi
• Bedah mulut besar
• Penderita gangguan mental
• Anomali lain

Faktor-faktor pemilihan anestesi:
• Area yang dianestesi
• Durasi
• Kedalaman
• Adanya infeksi
• Kondisi pasien
• Umur pasien
• hemostatistika

Anestesi Lokal di KG
1. Ester
2. Amida
3. Hidroksi

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