Wednesday, 7 October 2009

References: Oral Manifestation of Patient with Diabetes Mellitus tipe 2

We live in tropic country, the temperature don't goes up or down drastically. The sun shines every year. Today, like - aikawarazu - always, is also hot. But sometimes, I can see cloud crawling and creeping around. Ridiculously, it's not rain... though it's pretty dark! Well, cloudy doesn't mean rain.

Anyway, this post especially dedicated to Amanda Rizkia-san, wherever you are. I hope you look out the original journal, because the way I translated might different with the actual meaning. Oh, my English is so-so. Sore dewa, ok then, Jyaa-aan~~

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You should try pick another journals to enrich the knowledge. Oh, I hope you find them helpful. Good luck with everything that you do. Ganbatte ne!

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