Sunday, 27 June 2010

Biomaterial - GIPS

During watching H2 first episode, I was publishing this chapter. I watched it for the tenth or eleventh time I guess. It is one of my favourite dorama. It is about baseball. It is adapted from the same titled manga created by Adachi Mitsuru-sensei. I love the movie very much. It's highly recommended for those who seeks for romantic, comedy, sports and baseball fan-loving dorama.

By the way, the topic is about Gips or Plaster of Paris. ready, set and GO!

Biomaterial - Material Tanam Investment

Next on, this is about "Investment Material". Even though it's already June, rain is still sometimes pouring in Yogyakarta. It's okay for me since I like rainy season.

Speaking of which, Biomaterial was given three times: Biomaterial I, Biomaterial II and Biomaterial III. Without any delay, here we go!

Biomaterial - Pendahuluan

Konnichiwa, here I come again!
Now, I would like to publish Biomaterial. This basic knowledge was given by drg. Pung, drg. Narin, drg. Nina, drg. Wiji, drg. Wido, and drg. Harsini.
Hereby, I uploaded this my very first pdf version of "Introductory of Biomaterial".

Monday, 21 June 2010


Hai, minna-san. ohayou gozaimasu, konnichiwa, konbanwa, oyasumi nasai (janai!)
(Hello, everyone, good morning, good day, good evening, good night (not that!))
(Hallo, semuanya, selamat pagi, selamat siang, selamat malam, selamat tidur (bukan itu!))

Wahaha! I'm sorry for being so late updating this blog. Thanks for everyone support. I actually have a little trouble for the twirling-kanji's words expressed for the comment. But, arigatou gozaimasu, thank you. ^__^

Now, I want to express my gratitude by uploading my blog template to the newer look. And after adjust here-and there, I finally chose this template. Wahaha! Pink rule!