Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Biomaterial: Dental Waxes (Malam Gigi)

O-hissashi buri, minna-san~~
(It's been a while, everyone)...that's what I actually want to said, but, vacuum for almost two whole months, that's...hibernate. Ihihi...
Anyway, during these past months, a lot of events should be happened, right? Well, first of all, I want to say: "Ied Mubarak 1431 H. Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin". Passing a Ramadhan month doesn't mean that we can slack-off. And you know, I finished my cycle of wandering (eh?) from one department to other department. And, now, I have to retake another cycle because I haven't passed some of the departments. So where am I now? At the prosthodontic department: full denture, partial denture and fixed denture. Here I come.

Oh, okay, instead of saying nonsense or bragging about my prerequisite to be a dentist, I would like to post (not) new topic. It's still about biomaterial: Dental Waxes.
So, here we go!

Dental Waxes

Above is download-able via Scribd.com


Above is download-able via 4shared.com
Baiklah, itulah postingan kali ini. Semoga membantu.

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