Thursday, 7 October 2010

Biomaterial: Bahan Cetak - Hidrokoloid

Impression materials, in the fluid or plastic state, are carried to the mouth in a suitably sized tray. Hardening of the material takes place either on cooling or through a chemical reaction.

There is no clear line between mucostatic and mucodisplacing impression materials.

Biomaterial: Bahan Cetak - Pendahuluan

Impression materials are used to record the shape of the teeth and alveolar ridges. There are a wide variety of impression materials available each with their own properties, advantages and disadvantages. Materials in common use can be classified as elastic or non-elastic according to the ability of the set material to be withdrawn over undercuts. (University of Birmingham)

Biomaterial: Bonding (part 2)

Bonding part one is already posted, so this part was named bonding part two. Agaiiiin! It is about bonding, guys! Without wasting time, let's get kicking, everyone! The download-able presentation is below. Bonding 2 05

Biomaterial: Adhesi and Bonding

This material has linkage with bonding. Or in other way of say, adhesion is interrelated with bonding and vice versa. Adhesive dentistry is a branch of dentistry which mainly deals with adhesion or bonding of the adhesive material or cements to the natural substance of teeth, enamel and dentin. Bonding techniques have various clinical applications including operative and preventive dentistry as well as encompasses numerous areas and products. Let's start with creating the ultimate hybrid layer. The hybrid layer is very important and can be the reason a composite restoration is a success, or a failure. This layer is the bond between the tooth structure and the filling material; composite. The download-able presentation is below. bioadhesi s1 Hope it help as well.

Biomaterial: Dental Amalgam

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