Thursday, 7 October 2010

Biomaterial: Bahan Cetak - Hidrokoloid

Impression materials, in the fluid or plastic state, are carried to the mouth in a suitably sized tray. Hardening of the material takes place either on cooling or through a chemical reaction.

There is no clear line between mucostatic and mucodisplacing impression materials.

Mucodisplacive : compound, high viscosity alginates, high viscosity elastomers.

These viscous impressions materials are called mucocodisplacive impression materials. These record an impression of the mucosa under load. This results in a wider distribution of load during function, making it more stable it also compensates for the differing compressibility of the denture bearing area reducing the risk of a fracture due to flexion. However the retention of the dentures may be compromised as the soft tissues wish to return to their original position at rest.

The download-able presentation is below.

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