Sunday, 16 January 2011

Biomaterial: Bahan Cetak-Elastomer

It's already year 2011. Happy New Year everyone!
Though it's already mid January, ehehe, I am back from my long hibernation (pole bear ka yoo?!). Actually, my Scribd account was (is) in trouble, so I barely found (find) it was troublesome if I had to rewrite the article (just said that I'm lazy-bones). Oh, well, I tried to post sumthin' here, so here we go, either you can download it via Scribd of 4shared.

After waiting for some months, I finally was able to present my perio case! It was splinting. We - four of us - all presented the different topics. Sania was gingivectomy, Nila was curretage and Revi was frenectomy. All was gone well. Mrs. Kwartarini was kindly helped us as our supervisor. Thanks to her! And aside from the report that I haven't finished yet, I will undergo splinting procedure as the first operator. My patient actually was already undergone this procedure before he wore his full-denture, but due to mastication force, the lower denture was broken. He haven't repaired it yet, and Nila would like to make other for him. And he need to be splinted again now. And so be it! Ganbatte atashi!

Anyway, this lecturer below is about impression material, ELASTOMER.

This lecturer was given by drg. Dyah Irnawati, Biomaterial lecturer of Dentistry Faculty of Gadjah Mada University.
Just check this out, will you?


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Above is via

You can also find the presentation by typing several keywords. Happy surfing.

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