Saturday, 11 June 2011

Gambaran Radiologis Maxilla dan Mandibula Extraoral

T wo same picture at two consecutive posts? No kidding! I just realized that the previous post might gave a teaser about normal radiology appearance of maxilla and mandibula extraorally. There were a lot of arrow indicate several anatomic landmark that sometimes superimposed with another landmark. No wonder! It's all because radiograph is 2D projection of 3D structures. One should understand what normal radiograph looks like before stated that it was abnormal. Please do remember that sometimes we might experience what so called normal variation (which is not an abnormal). Oh, yeah, about the interpretation of the picture above, please continue reading.

The interpretation of above picture will be stated below:
1. Mandibular condyle
2. Articular eminence
3. Coronoid process of mandible superimposed on zygomatic arch
4. Posterior wall of maxillary sinus
5. Posterior wall of zygomatic process of maxilla
6. Hard palate
7. Nasal septum
8. Tip of nose
9. Dorsum of tongue
10. Hyoid superimposed over inferior border of mandible
11. Inferior border of maxillary sinus
12. Image of cervical spine
13. Medial border of maxillary sinus
14. Infraorbital canal
15. Infraorbital rim
16. Pterygomaxillary fissure
17. Anterior border of the pterygoid plates
18. Lateral pterygoid plate superimposed over soft palate and coronoid process of mandible
19. Ear lobe
20. Inferior border of mandibular canal
21. Mental foramen
22. Posterior wall of nasopharynx
23. Inferior border of mandible superimposed from oppossite side
24. Soft palate over mandibular foramen of mandible

Well I hope the explanation above help us to understand our own body~~
Credit picture: White SC, Pharoah MJ. 2000. Oral Radiology: Principles and Interpretation. Fourth Edition. Mosby: St Louis,

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  1. could you pls post about complication that might occur in dental clinic when treating health problem patients. for example, heart problem patient who are going for an extraction. thanks in advance.
    Athirah, Malaysia


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