Friday, 10 June 2011

Radiology: Gambaran Radiologis Maxilla dan Mandibula

What is more essential than diagnose a disease or disorder of jaws and teeth via X-ray? Umm...Technique? Wait, instruments? is it? The correct answer for this prologue question is KNOWLEDGE about the normal anatomy about them. Yup, by mastering or at least acknowledging their normal appearance in 3D and 2D, one can diagnose a disease or disorder of jaws and teeth. Of course, X-ray is considered as supporting examination, but we can't enjoy pizza without yeast, right? あれ? Do you get what I mean? Ehehe... Well, here I post my very first lecture about radiology.

Please visit my download page and you will find the link below "radiology" category. Have fun!
Note: please make sure to open it in a new tab because if you don't do so, you can't get back to my blog page again. Ehehe...

Picture credit: White SC, Pharoah MJ. 2000. Oral Radiology: Principles and Interpretation. Fourth Edition. Mosby: St Louis,

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