Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Accidentally Deleted SEVERAL Posts! Haul!

Have you ever felt upset, anxious, sad, angry and depressed at the same time? Aaaa...I think it happened to me now. Why so? I suddenly, recklessly, deliberately, and strangely enough, unconsciously deleted several posts of this blog. Yeah! And do you know how much I deleted to the point I feel get trolled by another me? It's more than 30 posts! I don't know exactly how much, but the total posts were decreasing drastically...That was just great! (sarcastically). I deleted my own posts and now feel empty about it.... huhuhu....

Oh, this is ridiculous, yeah, I know, I actually just wanted to tidy my posts when suddenly subconsciously I clicked delete button. Whattttt? Now, it already happened, nothing can be retracted again, whatever already happened was already done. Oh well, I guess I have to post another topic then. I even didn't remember what posts that I deleted because the topics were broad under 'yuki no koto' label.
Oh well...

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