Thursday, 20 October 2011

[Review] Say You Love Me - Akemi Kakihara

Okay, this might be still the wandering feeling from yesterday lost. You see...I accidentally deleted lot of my posts...ooooh...don't make me remember that again. So I intended to post something trivia now. Yes, totally trivia it doesn't have any essence to the major topics usually post in this blog.

The song titled Say You Love Me was sung by Akemi Kakihara. I don't know why I get attached to this song. Just right after I search about Asian Make-Up on youtube, this song was sung for the background music tutorial. I then searched for the song and the link to listen to. Wow, I suddenly fell in love. LOL. I already downloaded the  remix version, which is more like clubbing song :P.

The song itself is simple yet the meaning is rich. Superficial yet tasted deep in my heart. What's more, it reminded me for something I yearn for so long. I'd like to find the other song by Akemi Kakihara name. Oh well, if I had to lose more than 30 posts in just ten seconds, I'll just have to upload a hundred posts in several days, weeks or months. LOL. I got the peculiar comparison, didn't I?

I hope everyone is happy to the way they find their own happiness.
I want to have several reviews about e-book or another things soon. At least, I already told my plan.
Last but not least, I want to share a fanfic picture I made several years ago.
Yes, the cosplayers definitely weren't me, but I love the scene and I deliberately edit here and there, for the border and the tag. Afraid not! I literally didn't change the appearance of Athrun and Cagalli.

PS: Kenapa tiba-tiba saya menulis dalam bahasa Inggris lagi? LOL.

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